OPTIMA Newsletter / Informateur OPTIMA

Printed version: ISSN 0376-5016, online version: ISSN 2225-6970 published by the Secretariat of OPTIMA

OPTIMA Newsletter is a news journal for the presentation and discussion of issues pertinent to Mediterranean botany, published by the Secretariat of Organisation for the Phyto-Taxonomic Investigation of the Mediterranean Area. The editors welcome the submission of news, items and articles by all interested parties. Please send any relevant text directly to the OPTIMA Secretariat.
Copies of issues 5-42 are available from the OPTIMA Secretariat. However, stocks of early issues are running short! Special conditions apply for OPTIMA Members.

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The following issues of the OPTIMA Newsletter are currently available electronically on on OPTIMA’s Website:

N° 1 1975; 
N° 34 June 1999;
N° 35 September 2000;
N° 36 April 2002;
N° 37(1) November 2003;
N° 37(2) July 2004;
N° 38 May 2009;
N° 39 November 2010
N° 40 December 2011
N° 41 July 2013
N° 42 April 2015

N° 43 December 2016

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