The author of this column, Werner Greuter, welcomes relevant items, preferably to be sent directly to:

Prof. W. Greuter
OPTIMA Herbarium and Library
Orto Botanico
Via Lincoln 2/a
I-90133 Palermo

Sending a review copy will not only bring your publication to the attention of a large interested audience, it will also ensure that it is present in the OPTIMA Library, the to-be central botanical library for the Mediterranean area, at the Herbarium Mediterraneum .

Books offered to the OPTIMA Library in Palermo (at PAL-Gr) from 2012 to the present day

To ensure a quick spread of the information, items will henceforth be announced upon receipt, with bibliographic data and a review or notice summarising their contents. Once every year, the notices and reviews on this Web page will be integrated into the consolidated OPTIMA Newsletter.