Chair:              O. Vasić, Beograd

Secretary:        U. Plitmann, Jarusalem

Members:         M. Aghababyan, Yerevan
                       P. Bareka, Athens
                       G. Guillermo Benítez Cruz, Granada
                       I. Camarda, Sassari
                       D. Rivera Núñez, Murcia
                       S. L. Jury, Reading



The main task of the Commission is preparing the book: Mediterranean Landscapes for publication until the end of the year 2024 and the editor, O. Vasic will work on it.
After the report on up-to-date preparation of the book given by O. Vasic, the commission discussed about the next project that would be started this year and finisched in the next 3 years. O. vasic will send the report of the commission meeting as well as the proposition for the new project, by -mail, to all members, as well as to the general secretary G. Domina.