Chair:        R. M. Ros, Murcia

Secretary:        P. Campisi, Palermo

Members:       T. Blockeel, Sheffield
                       A. Cogoni, Cagliari
                       A. Erdag, Aydin
                       M. Farag, Cairo
                       A. Ganeva, Sofia
                       I. Herrnstadt, Jerusalem
                       V. Hugonnot, Varennes Saint Honorat
                       H. Kürschner, Berlin
                       V. Mazimpaka, Madrid
                       M. Puglisi, Catania
                       M. Sabovljević, Beograd
                       C. Sérgio, Lisboa


  1. The Checklist of the mosses of the Mediterranean Area has recently been published in Cryptogamie, Bryologie 34(2): 99-437.
    The names of all mosses published up to the end of August 2011, found in the countries of the Mediterranean basin, the Macaronesian Islands and Bulgaria, are compilated in an annotated checklist. The list comprises accepted names and synonyms, and provides explanatory notes on ambiguous and disputed names. Literature references underpinning the records for each individual area are given for taxa reported only once, or in a single locality. A total of 1168 accepted species and 81 infraspecific taxa are reported from the whole area.

    Objectives of the Commission for the next years.
      1) Liste des Bryophytes Importantes de la Région Méditerranéenne (IBMR).
      2) Atlas of the Mediterranean Bryophytes.
      3) Euro+Med PlantBase - inclusion of bryophytes and nomenclatural update.