Goodbye XIV OPTIMA meeting!


The XIV OPTIMA Meeting in Palermo (9-15 September 2013) has been brought to conclusion. It was attended by 176 participants from 28 different countries and comprised 16 Symposia with 79 lectures as well as 68 poster presentations (photos of which are now on display at []).

  • Scientific programme

    Comprises 16 Symposia with invited speakers, including 2 Cryptogamic Symposia, and two Poster Sessions with offered presentations on subjects independent of the Symposium topics.

  • Location and dates

    The XIV. OPTIMA Meeting was held at the Botanic Garden of the University of Palermo, via Lincoln, 2A, Palermo.

  • Commitees

    Organizing Commitee
    Francesco M. Raimondo, Palermo, Italy
    President of OPTIMA
    Werner Greuter, Berlin, Germany
    General Secretary of OPTIMA
    Gianniantonio Domina, Palermo, Italy
    Treasurer of OPTIMA
    Pietro Mazzola, Palermo, Italy
    Giuseppe Bazan, Palermo, Italy

    Scientific Commitee
    Ana Rosa Burgaz, Madrid, Spain
    Ana Crespo, Madrid, Spain
    Maria Giovanna Dia, Palermo, Italy
    Gianniantonio Domina, Palermo, Italy
    Mohamed Fennane, Rabat, Morocco
    Carmen Galán Soldevilla, Córdoba, Spain
    Vernon Heywood, Reading, United Kingdom
    Stephen L. Jury, Reading, United Kingdom
    Karol Marhold, Bratislava, Slovak Republic
    Marta Mariotti, Firenze, Italy
    Pietro Mazzola, Palermo, Italy
    Anna Maria Mercuri, Modena, Italy
    Lorenzo Peruzzi, Pisa, Italy
    Eckhard von Raab-Straube, Berlin, Germany
    Francesco Maria Raimondo, Palermo, Italy
    Rosa Maria Ros, Murcia, Spain
    Laura Sadori, Roma, Italy
    Sonja Šiljak-Yakovlev, Paris, France
    Benito Valdés, Sevilla, Spain
    Ernst Vitek, Vienna, Austria

    Excursion Commitee
    Riccardo Guarino, Palermo, Italy
    Rosario Schicchi, Palermo, Italy