Palermo & Erice, September 20-23, 2023

Congress venues

The congress venues are in Palermo and Erice.

The closest airports are those of Palermo and Trapani. Palermo airport is connected to the city by bus, train and shared taxi. These take around 45 minutes to connect the airport with the city's central station. The bus has a cadence of about half an hour. Palermo airport is connected to the Trapani train station by bus every hour. Trapani airport is connected to the city's railway station by bus every hour. Trapani is connected to Erice by cable car.

In addition to these services we have organized some shuttles to favor the congress participants.
19th September, 18:00, Via Archirafi 38, Palermo to Erice (including a stop at Palermo airport).
20th September, 12:00 from Palermo airport to Erice.

23th September, 18:30, at the closing of the congress, Erice-Palermo.
24th September, 17:00, at the closing of the Field Trip, Stagnone di Marsala-Palermo.
Lifts from Trapani central station can be arranged with the organization.


The Meetings of the Scientific commissions of OPTIMA (19 September, restricted to members), will be held in Palermo at the Section of Botany, Zoology and Anthropology of the Department STEBICEF in Via Archirafi 38.



In Erice (20-23 September) the Opening Ceremony and the Roundtable – Plant diversity and restoration of the historic garden «Giardino del Balio» (Erice) will be held in the Auditorium Pam Dirac,
the symposia will be held at the Instituto San Rocco and the Palazzo Sales.

The Closing Ceremony and General meeting of OPTIMA will be held in the Palazzo Sales.


Auditorium Pam Dirac: Piazza San Domenico, 1, Erice.

Instituto San Rocco, Ettore Majorana Centre: Via Gian Filippo Guarnotti, 26, Erice.

Palazzo Sales: Via Vito Carvini, 98, Erice.






San Domenico

Auditorium Pam Dirac


Palazzo Sales

Palazzo Sales


Centro Majorana

Instituto San Rocco


Complesso Igea

Complesso Igea







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