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Ciancaleoni S., Raggi R., Barone G., Donnini D., Gigante D., Domina G., Negri V. 2021. A new list and prioritization of wild plants of socio-economic interest in Italy: towards a conservation strategy. Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems,

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Allium ampeloprasum L.

= Allium ascendens Ten.; Allium spectabile De Not.; Allium bertolonii De Not.; Allium porrum L.

Crop Wild Relative; Wild Harvested Plant; Taxon cultivated

Uses: ethnobotanical, gene source, food

Cultivated plant related: Allium ampeloprasum – Leek – Gene Pool; Allium sativum – Garlic – Gene Pool

Gene pool: GP1B; GP3 (Different values are referred to the related cultivated plants reported above)


Distribution: Peninsular Italy

Published assessments, inclusion in Red Lists or EU Directive or Conventions:

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species (Online version): Least Concern

Bilz & al. (2011): LC

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