Chair:        G. Venturella, Palermo

Secretary:        G. I. Zervakis, Athens

Members:         L. A. Parra Sanchez, Burgos
                       V. Antonin, Brno
                       M. Karaman, Novi Sad
                       A. Morte, Murcia
                       P. Roux, Saint-Pal-de-Mons
                       A. Bawadekji, Arar
                       A. Zambonelli, Bologna
                       U. Peintner, Innsbruck
                       V. Chinan, Iasi
                       L. Khabar, Rabat
                       E. Savino, Pavia
                       M. Floriani, Pergine Valsugana


Priority actions:
- List of local names related to Wild Edible Mushrooms (WEM)
- Checklist of fungi occurring in the Mediterranean Region

THE 9th INTERNATIONAL MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS CONFERENCE (Mondello, Palermo, 24-28 September 2017)

Two Posters about the activities of the commission and local names of edigle Fungi were presented during the XVII Congress of European Mycologists (Madeira, Portugal) held from 21th to 25th September 2015.

The Commission is going to prepare a manuscript on local names of fungi in Europe, North Africa and Saudi Arabia. In the meantime other mycologists asked to join the Commission and the list of local names was integrated with names from Portugal and Czech Republic.